Property Management

Do you have a property that needs to be leased?

As a landlord you need to:

– Find the most suitable A+ tenant

– With a good credit, solid employment, proper references, no criminal record or bad payments

– Fulfil tenancy as soon as possible without the property being vacant for too long

– Take care of maintainence of all structures, appliances, wiring, heating, driveways, yards, etc

– Handle all legal issues, complaints and documentation

– Be knowledgable of the Ontario Residential Tenacies Act

– Handle all financials, rent cheques, bills (if applicable), renovation costs, maintainence costs, insurance, etc

-Ensure rent payments are up to date with market rate

– Deliver all neccessary notices ina timely fashion

-Coordinate and cooperate with tenants on all tenancy matters, whenever needed

– Handle all emergency and unexpected matters that might arise on occasions

– Handle any other matter related to your property efficiently and in proper time

Some people/landlords like to take matters in their own hands while others do not want to bother with all the headache of managing a investment property. The choice is ofcourse a personal one.

If you, a family member or friend, would however, like assistance in any one or all of the above mentioned matters, give us a call.

Our Property Management team has expertise in handling a large portfolio of properties, Residential and Commercial, and we take care of all your needs from putting the property on the market, to finding a tenant, to handling all matters related thereafter – so you can be at ease!

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Nasir Azam (Broker)

Najeah Nasir, BBA, SSGBC  (Realtor)