Thinking of leasing your home?

Thinking of putting your property up for rent or lease?

Finding the right tenant can be a lot of work and a big headache. Juggling with appointments and showings, checking the credit history and conducting background checks, getting all the paperwork sorted out – and still not being sure of you’ve made the right decision. Trusting someone to live in your property can be a challenge and a huge responsibility. You want to make sure you do it right.

Our team has an extensive database of clients that are always looking for rent. In addition, we do all the homework for you.

That includes, finding the right tenant. Faster.  Conducting all the background checks. Calling references and employers. Collecting the cheques and making sure the tenant understands the responsibility of his/her tenancy. We know the Residential Tenancy Act and can guide through difficult issues when they arise.

Our clients receive ***FREE Home Staging Service*** for their properties to attract the best potential tenant. Service includes consultation, organizing afurnishings. Renovation service is also available if needed. Please inquire for details.

We also provide additional ***Property Management service*** for owners who would like us to handle all tenant related issues and day to day activities, including rent collections, utilities bills, maintainence, and any other tenant related issue that may arise. We handle it so you can be stress-free.

Sleep sound at night and don’t risk your home being without a week’s rent. Use that extra income wisely and quickly. Let us deal with the hassle of finding the right tenant for you! Call Today!

Nasir Azam

Najeah Nasir



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